Its been 8 months since we finished building and I'm even more happy than I was when we first moved ✰✰✰✰✰

I was lucky to have met the Frank who owns the business on my way through the display home. He walked me through the process, gave me a rundown of how he operates, and what my expectations would be from a builder like them. Second time around I was again lucky to meet Vince, who walked through some more of the finer details and described a few things for me to think about when choosing the design. Having being guided by one of the former sales crew, there was an error in the layout we had edited, however Vince came over and straightened everything out with no hassles. Jessica walked us through the selections, and even though my wife wanted a certain theme, I would have let Jessica choose everything for us and plan on letting her choose the next scheme for an investment build when we get to that stage. Through out the build Rob and Amy kept us up-to-date with the progress and sent us photos. Amy was quite accommodating in any questions we had, and Rob ensured if there were items we wanted critically taken care of he would pay close attention to them. 

We had acoustic insulation in certain walls, and followed through on updating us on the stage site visits. The build took less than 5 months (including the christmas break) and if it weren't for an error on my behalf, it may have been sooner.
After the build was complete, there were no major issues, we had minor issue of aircon controller needing to be commissioned later on due to manufacturer fault, loose wire on the water heater, loose screw on a toilet and one window lock that I was able to fix myself. All of which were handled by Rob and with no inconvenience to us.
At the 3 month maintenance, there were a few settling cracks, which they gladly sealed, and a missed paint spot on a door that was unnoticeable until random chance of tripping over myself, falling and looking up being within 5cm of it.
8 months on, I probably regret not getting a basic builders landscape done, and putting in a couple more powerpoint in storage closet (for security system) and garage (to plug my future tesla car into 30 years from now).

Advice to anyone considering using them.
- bring pictures/drawings of what you want, they may well have done it before or can get it.
- if you have a powder room, maybe place a small exhaust if you don't have a window.
- advise on existing site conditions, ours was pretty flat, and we saved cash on them not having to do much work levelling it out. 
- if its your first time building a house, get things put in by the builder that require getting multiple quotes, people to be present at home, anything time consuming that you might not get to after having your first newborn and a wife asking to put decals on the wall whilst showing family and friends through the house explaining why you've got butchers paper for blinds because the installer suggested something to your wife and now you have to wait 2 weeks for the new stuff to come in. 


Would I build with them again and why?
Yes, the way they operate, and the end result. Knowing how they do things, and what to ask for will make my next build even better. They're a small builder with big results. If you want double glazing with acoustic treatment in the room next to the kitchen, they can do it, if you want underfloor heating in the bathrooms, first time they did it, and they did it well.

Were they expensive?
You get what you pay for and what you ask for. If you wanted something, they'll put it in, if you didn't ask for it, they won't. If its standard items like handles and lights, it'll be there and it will be standard market quality, not the bargain basement stuff they bought in bulk from a supplier that probably won't be around. I recently looked at a build smaller size and they were more expensive, even without the bells and whistles of higher ceilings and doors.

How long did it take?
Less than 6 months including christmas. is that normal? to them it is. to others, like my sister and friends who have been building with volume builders for over a year its amazing.

If you had to change one thing about your house what would it be?
I'm used to living in apartments close to railways and highways and high density areas. So when its quiet, I can hear eeevvveerrrythingg..... I should have asked for acoustic treatment on all walls and windows etc. Personal preference but thats me. Note: its no different to any other house not louder or quieter. goto the display homes, what you see if what you'll get.

Neil ✰✰✰✰✰

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